Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

the introduction

this is my first time of my life, to be in a first,it was a little bit challenging for me.but somehow,slowly it turn into exciting by time goes early as second class of the day,we were told to introduce ourself in a quite weird way.we were ask to lined up in a u-shape facing each other as one by one of us telling the background story of is a rather bit funny, as we were also asked to tell about our good quality of ourself. in the first session of teaching,for me,it is great.with a teacher which is quite pretty,it is better than other class today as english for me is easier than other new subjects that we have today.although since this first session we have a little heavy homework,but i think i could follow through this class with no problem as i realize that we were now in a university,which is different from our previous school.i hope, i will be in this great university in a happy status till i flew to Egypt.Insyaallah.