Selasa, 9 Jun 2009

weird things.

this is the second time i write my post. as this thing keep make all my writings lost in the middle of typing. what a stress! miss dila today taught us about the way of reporting in a medical way. this is by collecting information from the patient and discussed it with others. we also need to read the information from the books and interpret it into the civilian way of talking. it is for the patients do not get confused with the term that the doctors usually used, such as POLYPHAGIA, VERTIGO and DYSARTHIA. even for a pre medical student like us did not know what is those thing. we are lucky as miss dila keep helping us in those weird term we seldom found. besides, the books also provide the sufficient knowledge in the medical english. i`m so grateful that we are given the chances of being taught by our beloved miss dila. iam pretty sure that one day my class will greatly missed miss dila for all her affection and caring toward us. it just this for today. my eyes could not hold it any more to type any of these scheme text.since then thank u for reading. assalamualaikum.

a medical chat

today again, miss dila enter our class. today the lessons is in the books. today also we are taught to speak in medical english language. it is for our preparation in our journey as a doctor.besides that we were also taught to communicate with the patient. it is so difficult at first, as we need to learn the steps of how to do it. it included small talk, taking their history of life, their medication and so on. while memorizing all those steps, suddenly i realize that all the time i visited a doctor before with all their caring question, is actually a procedure which they must have done to all their patient. what a, now and so on, when i want to visit a doctor in the future, i promise to myself to not fall into their old classic caring question. in her class we also apply our lesson that day by try to practiced it towards our friends in the whole class.eventhough it is a little bit boring but i passed it happily. I think this is it for today. bye.

Selasa, 2 Jun 2009

the 3rd class

this is the third session of english class session. it is also the day of presentation as the remaning who are could not make it in the first day,will do it in the day.we actually don`t have any lessons today as our lessons are focusing in trained us in public speaking which is very essentials for us in the future. today also is the day miss dila commented on us. she actually impressed with us for not being so bad in our first presentation. she just give us some advice in our language because as she said, we keep using the wrong words as we present. for me, it is correct as it is unusual for us in speaking wholly in english. i`m satisfied actually today as eventhough this is the first experience, we have done a good job for our miss hope is our next class will keep going good like now, and we will impress everyone in our result.insyaallah.

the presentation

emm. like it is the next blog for me. although it is a little bit boring for me,but i`m get used of it.last monday is the day for our class to make the presentation. this is the first experience for me,because i never had a chance of any presentation in my ex-school. the first group to present that day is the suaidi`s group. for me, they are good. when giving their presentation it is a surprise when they keep using a good language and such a great ways of is because suaidi even demonstrating a massage to his partner, as their slide showing the image of massaging. at first i get a little bit down after watching them,but i take it as a challenge. so when it is my group turn i will make it sure that it will be perfect. the first to present is munir, as the leader of the group, he take charge of introducing our group`s presentation title which is the acupunture. after that, afifi take turn as he showed the class the history of acupunture. then bokhari,with his part in introducing the way of diagnosis in acupunture. overally, even that day is a little bit tiring but it is fun as we could watch various type of presenting of my class members.