Selasa, 2 Jun 2009

the 3rd class

this is the third session of english class session. it is also the day of presentation as the remaning who are could not make it in the first day,will do it in the day.we actually don`t have any lessons today as our lessons are focusing in trained us in public speaking which is very essentials for us in the future. today also is the day miss dila commented on us. she actually impressed with us for not being so bad in our first presentation. she just give us some advice in our language because as she said, we keep using the wrong words as we present. for me, it is correct as it is unusual for us in speaking wholly in english. i`m satisfied actually today as eventhough this is the first experience, we have done a good job for our miss hope is our next class will keep going good like now, and we will impress everyone in our result.insyaallah.

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