Selasa, 9 Jun 2009

a medical chat

today again, miss dila enter our class. today the lessons is in the books. today also we are taught to speak in medical english language. it is for our preparation in our journey as a doctor.besides that we were also taught to communicate with the patient. it is so difficult at first, as we need to learn the steps of how to do it. it included small talk, taking their history of life, their medication and so on. while memorizing all those steps, suddenly i realize that all the time i visited a doctor before with all their caring question, is actually a procedure which they must have done to all their patient. what a, now and so on, when i want to visit a doctor in the future, i promise to myself to not fall into their old classic caring question. in her class we also apply our lesson that day by try to practiced it towards our friends in the whole class.eventhough it is a little bit boring but i passed it happily. I think this is it for today. bye.

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