Selasa, 2 Jun 2009

the presentation

emm. like it is the next blog for me. although it is a little bit boring for me,but i`m get used of it.last monday is the day for our class to make the presentation. this is the first experience for me,because i never had a chance of any presentation in my ex-school. the first group to present that day is the suaidi`s group. for me, they are good. when giving their presentation it is a surprise when they keep using a good language and such a great ways of is because suaidi even demonstrating a massage to his partner, as their slide showing the image of massaging. at first i get a little bit down after watching them,but i take it as a challenge. so when it is my group turn i will make it sure that it will be perfect. the first to present is munir, as the leader of the group, he take charge of introducing our group`s presentation title which is the acupunture. after that, afifi take turn as he showed the class the history of acupunture. then bokhari,with his part in introducing the way of diagnosis in acupunture. overally, even that day is a little bit tiring but it is fun as we could watch various type of presenting of my class members.

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